March 2010

Campaign for Equal Justice Figures

March 17, 2010   | comments Add a Comment

I received a letter last week from Mr. Charles W. Bone, principle of Bone McAllester Norton, PLLC, and 2010 Chair for the Campaign for Equal Justice.  This letter includes some surprising information about our Legal Aid Society in Middle Tennessee and the challenges it faces.  In the Nashville office, there are nine attorneys who provide services free of charge to over 2,000 clients each year.  That is a powerful figure, and evidence of the hard work that the Nashville office is doing. 

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JD Country Milk

March 12, 2010   | comments Add a Comment

If you've been along the back row of the Farmer's Market on a Saturday morning recently, you may have run into a long line that backed up to a gray-black refrigerated truck.   This truck carries farm fresh milk of all sorts, and other goodies, which sell out by about noon on a Saturday.   So it's a not-quite-so-secret secret that Nashville Foodies wants to let you know about.

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