Access to Justice Initiatives discussed, and the progress of our efforts to bring virtual services to the area.

Civil Rights and Class Action Options

June 3, 2010   | comments Add a Comment

I had one pro bono client recently who stood up and challenged the system.  It was him and I against the elite firms in town, but after serious thought - the law might just be on his side. 

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Campaign for Equal Justice Figures

March 17, 2010   | comments Add a Comment

I received a letter last week from Mr. Charles W. Bone, principle of Bone McAllester Norton, PLLC, and 2010 Chair for the Campaign for Equal Justice.  This letter includes some surprising information about our Legal Aid Society in Middle Tennessee and the challenges it faces.  In the Nashville office, there are nine attorneys who provide services free of charge to over 2,000 clients each year.  That is a powerful figure, and evidence of the hard work that the Nashville office is doing. 

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Unemployment and A2J

February 22, 2010   | comments Add a Comment

A2J is the initiative developed by the Tennessee Supreme Court to seek out and support ways to bring legal services to those who cannot afford traditional legal services.  This blog catalogues those efforts and describes our attempts to bring services to the unmet market that might be able to afford something, but can't reach the thousands of dollars it takes to get personal attention.  

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