Important Tips

It's not easy to find a good attorney.  You'll need to find someone you trust, someone who listens, and someone who responds to your needs.   Here are some quick tips to helping you with this difficult decision. 
1.  Select an attorney whom you have spoken with or met. 
You need to get a feel for the attorney and who they are.  You will be working with this person, sometimes for years, and you need to be comfortable with the attorney's demeanor, perspective, and approach.  
2.  Select an attorney who treats you and your case with respect. 
You are important.  Your legal needs are important.  If the attorney ignores you at the beginning of a relationship, you can bet they will ignore you later as well.  
3.  Select an attorney whom you trust. 
Trust is critical.  Do they seem to care about your situation?  Do they talk nonstop and forget that you are there?  Trust someone who listens and hears your needs.
4.  Select an attorney who tells you directly how much they will cost.
If payment is not discussed directly, there is something wrong.  Everyone develops their fee schedules differently, so make sure you understand from the start how you will be charged. 

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