Virtual Attorney System

Low cost legal services are critical to our justice system.  Our current system is not equipped to deliver these services.  In the Nashville area alone, six of seven people who qualify for free legal services are denied because there are simply not enough lawyers to handle the volume.  
The dilemma is challenging; the consequences include wrongful eviction, homelessness, predatory collection, repossessions, loss of child custody, and domestic abuse.  Our Tennessee Supreme Court has extended an invitation to our legal community to consider ways to conquer this issue.  
One part of the solution is to provide legal guidance that is systematized based on the subject matter and does not require someone's personal time. We are building such a system which delivers basic knowledge and guidance about several legal issues which are regularly recurring concerns.  This system is in the process of being built.  If you’d like to be a part of this effort, please contact us.  

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